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Career Highlights

  • Founder of Soul Care Services, LLC

  • Founder of Manifesting Her! Academy

  • Founder of Beautiful Period TShirt Apparel 

  • Founder of Transparency Talk

  • Author of Manifesting Her! : 7 Strategies to Redefine Your Identity After Traum

  • Author of Manifesting Her! Workbook Journal

  • Co-Author of Pink Sister’s Chronicles: It Takes A Village

  • Envisioned, planned, and organized A Crown of Beauty for Ashes Women’s Retreat to Nassau, Bahamas, South Carolina, and Philadelphia

  • Planned and organized two HIV Prevention & Education Conference with over 1600 attendees in Philadelphia

  • Recipient of the Trailblazer Award given by Dr. Sona Stribling

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She travels from Philadelphia, PA. 

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Meet Dr. Reeder


Dr. Reeder is the Founder of Manifesting Her! Academy, a company that empowers and coach women to redefine their sense of self after trauma, build confidence, and engage in radical self-love. 


She accomplishes her mission to help women through compassion, education, storytelling, visualization, and practical strategies to promote fearless personal growth! 


Dr. Reeder believes her go through is someone else's get through. As a result, she speaks, teaches, and empowers women to move beyond their pain to bring about healing. 


Known as the Confidence Cultivator and the Transparent Educator, Dr. Reeder uses her clinical training and life experiences to lead women to victory by tapping into their inner POWER to reclaim their worth and confidence to create a life they desire to live in harmony with themselves.

Who is Dr. Reeder?

A native of Philadelphia, PA., Dr. Reeder is a creative mind, travel lover, food, art, music, dance, string instruments, and reading a good novel. She is a therapist, author, educator, speaker, and coach.

Like many of us, Dr. Reeder has had her share of life challenges that have become the source of her strength and God-given purpose. As a survivor of life's circumstances – Intimate Partner Violence, Cancer, and HIV contracted while married—all have afforded her opportunities to empower women to reclaim their worth and move forward in confidence.


Because of Dr. Reeder's life experiences, her passion for helping others move beyond the pain of their trauma, recognize their strengths, and build healthy relationships with themselves and others have become her life's work and mission.


Some of Dr. Reeder's proud moments have been coordinating and hosting women's empowerment conferences in the Bahamas, South Carolina, and Philadelphia. 


Her life's motto is, "An Empowered Soul Has No Limits!"


Dr. Reeder holds a Doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy and a Master's in Social Work. She is a licensed social worker and holds certifications in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for individuals and Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM) groups for women and girls alike. 


Dr. Reeder currently works in public health at a Federally Qualified Health Center as its Director of Community Health Training Alliance. In her role, she creates, collaborates, and organizes educational events and professional development training specific to public health matters around HIV, Hepatitis C, Opioid Crisis, Behavioral Health, and other health-related issues. Before her current role, Dr. Reeder worked as the Clinical Director for a substance abuse program for women, offering trauma services and recovery support. 


Dr. Reeder has a particular interest in spirituality and creative therapies. She has the unique ability to interact with challenging individuals and achieve breakthroughs. She uses an integrative approach to treatment to encourage, empower, teach, and mend relationships.

Keynote Speaker & Workshop Presenter

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​Known for her bright personality, compassion towards others, and her endearing spirit, Dr. Reeder inspires others from various cultures and diverse backgrounds, allowing her many opportunities to share her gift of knowledge.

Dr. Reeder has spoken at several women forums and ministries to share her story of pain to victory to offer hope, healing, and inner peace in women's lives suffering in silence. She has been a presenter and keynote speaker at multiple conferences locally and abroad. She traveled to Africa to teach and inspire women and youth to be speakers of life in a world where oppressive constructs are created and misused. 

Dr. Reeder has been the presenter at various academic and professional forums on spirituality, addictions, and empathy; and has consulted with nonprofit agencies for executive and administrative training and currently teaches trauma workshops in various behavioral health organizations throughout the city of Philadelphia


As Founder and CEO of Soul Care Services, LLC, and Dr. Tashina Reeder, LLC, Dr. Reeder established both companies based on the core belief that complete healing occurs through transparency and the interconnection of mind and body and spirit. Through her own life experiences of trauma and years of working in addiction and community behavioral health, Dr. Reeder grew concerned with the lack of "trauma-informed" practices and insensitivity among professionals and common folk. As a result, she created forums where she could teach, treat, and inspire individuals who suffer in silence along with their families. 

In 2017, Dr. Reeder published a self-love calendar and a Beautiful Period empowerment t-shirt line. In the same year, she co-authored a chapter in "The Pink Sister Chronicles 3: It Takes a Village" book compilation under Traci's Bio's breast cancer organization. 


In 2021, Dr. Reeder launched Transparency Talk with Tashina. In this talk show, people share their stories of pain and triumph to have difficult conversations to inspire hope, educate, shift mindsets, and promote change. In the same year, she launched Manifesting Her! Academy offering online courses and coaching services to women who have experienced trauma looking to reclaim their voice and power. 

Dr. Reeder's Keynotes

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Dr. Reeder's speaker sessions are grounded in her belief that her go through is someone else's get through. Through transparency, she teaches women scalable ways to build their self-confidence and esteem to create the life they deserve to live in harmony with themselves.

At the end of her presentations, attendees are left with a call to action to apply what they learned as they grow to become better versions of themselves.

As a speaker, she empowers attendees to,


  • Strive for excellence and not perfection

  • Take action consistently

  • Embrace the process of growth 

  • Express gratitude

  • Be Accountable

 Speaking Topics

  • The But God Experience: From Gratitude to Purpose to Abundant Living

  • Manifesting Her! to S.H.I.F.T : A 5 Step Blueprint to Live Fearless in Life & Business   

  • Manifesting Her! : The A.R.T. of Building Big Confidence After Trauma


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Dr. Tashina Reeder is a phenomenal educator in women’s health and wellness. I had the opportunity to sit in two workshops that she taught.  "The Change I Want to See Confidence Building Workshop '' and she was a keynote speaker at a fundraiser on Women’s Health & Wellness. 


After attending these workshops, I left with an abundance of information. She has a way of engaging and interacting with the participants that make one crave to glean more. Dr. Reeder’s presentations are done in a way for her attendees, to ascertain all the information presented. I am so anticipating the next workshop!

-Nicole Philips 

Traci's BIO hosted their first health and wellness event for 2021 with Dr. Tashina Reeder as the Mistress of Ceremony. Dr. Reeder did an amazing job! From the minute that she took the microphone, she captivated the audience. She drew the audience in from the very first exercise. Dr. Reeder created a safe environment for the ladies to open up and feel safe in sharing their experience with Cancer. The event was a great success because of her professionalism and her warm spirit. 

-Traci Smith 

Founder & CEO of Traci's Bio

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Dr. Reeder’s creative spirit has been invigorating and uplifting for Core Services and most importantly for the people we serve. Our women feel connected and supported every time she presents. Her transparency and engaging speaking style is captivating.

-Mark Hackney 

Office of Addiction Services 

I had the fortunate experience of being a participant in Dr. Reeder’s workshop.  The level of expertise and knowledge Dr. Reeder possessed regarding her topic as well as her ability to relay it in a manner that was easily received by her audience was excellent.


In addition, I appreciated her positive attitude and continued willingness to explain concepts when asked.  Her use of personal examples that were relatable to most people in her audience helped facilitate a level of connection with her presentation.   Her workshop though challenging and thought-provoking was very insightful.   Dr. Reeder’s workshop taught me the practicality of implementing compassion towards myself.  Dr. Reeder is definitely an outstanding mind-opener!

- Dr. Dominique Vedrine, LMFT

Founder & CEO of Vedrine's Healing Services 

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Reasons to Book Dr. Reeder

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"An Empowered Soul Has No Limits"