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Let's Make  
Shift happen!

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Because Your Life Matters,


I invite YOU to explore the multi-services offered here to meet your personal and professional development needs. My goal is to build big confidence, improve your sense of self, strengthen relationships and broaden life experiences to grow beyond life's adversities. 


My philosophy rests on the belief that we can speak life into others' lives as a collective, inspiring motivation to embrace new perspectives towards change. I am in the business of promoting growth, awareness, and healing to equip the lives of today with the tools to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Let's manifest her!

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Welcome to Manifesting Her! Academy


Manifesting Her Academy is a company that coaches women on how to break through emotional roadblocks, overcome obstacles, and build big confidence to live a life of love, abundance, and success in life & business.


I accomplish this mission by using my clinical training and life experiences to lead women to victory by tapping into their inner POWER to reclaim their worth. 

I am in the business of promoting fearless personal and professional growth, self-awareness, and transformation to equip the lives of women today with the tools to meet tomorrow's challenges. 

Because………Your Life Matters!

Ready to Grow forward in Confidence?

Let's turn your pain into passion, build your confidence, and live the abundant life you desire.

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Be sure to join our next
Making SHIFT Happen 

There’s no better time to take your personal growth seriously than right now. This workshop will give you the resources to learn scalable ways to build your confidence and how to walk boldly in your authentic self.


An Empowered Soul Has No Limits!

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