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Who Am I?

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I am A Survivor and Life Enthusiast -Author, Speaker, Therapist, and Wellness Coach. As a survivor of life's circumstances, I suffered in silence for many years due to shame from Intimate Partner Violence, Cancer, and HIV contracted while married. Like many of us, I have had my share of life challenges that have become my strength and God-given purpose.

I firmly believe that my go-through is someone else's get-through and that one's circumstances do not define their character. See, God had a plan for my life! Through faith, prayer, and therapy, I reached a level of healing and transparency that has been liberating and ever-evolving.

As a result of my transparency, I have been blessed with opportunities to speak, teach, and empower men and women internationally to move beyond their pain through education and sharing my testimony to bring about healing, self-love, and confidence in others.  


My adversities have become my purpose of inspiring confidence in others through transparency.

An Empowered Soul Has No Limits!

Dr. Tashina Reeder

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For many years, my insecurities undermined my confidence to pursue a degree beyond undergraduate. My determination to defy the odds against those who told me I was not grad school material earned me a Master's in Social Work and a Doctorate in Couple and Family Therapy. I am a licensed social worker and hold certifications in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for individuals who have experienced trauma and Trauma Recovery Empowerment Model (TREM) groups for women and young girls.

With over 19 years of clinical experience, I understand the challenges and the importance of the recovery process and public health education to dispel stigma and fear around treatable illnesses. My faith in action has positioned me in the field of public health at a Federally Qualified Health Center as the Director of Community Health Training Alliance. In my current role, I create, collaborate, teach, and organize educational events and professional development training for leaders, educators, and direct care workers specific to public health topics around HIV, Trauma, Mental Health, and other health-related issues.

I previously worked as the Clinical Director for a substance abuse program for women, where I provided trauma treatment services and promoted self-determination, self-efficacy, recovery support, and education. As a clinician, I am interested in spirituality and creative therapies and utilize an integrative approach to treatment to encourage, empower, teach, and mend relationships. My unique ability to inspire others from various cultures and diverse backgrounds has afforded me many opportunities to share my gift of knowledge to affect change towards healing.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to present at various conferences locally and abroad and have consulted with nonprofit organizations for executive and administrative training. One of my most humbling and transformative experiences was stepping out on faith to host and coordinate women empowerment conferences in the Bahamas, South Carolina, and Philadelphia. Women were uplifted to move beyond their emotional pain into a healing process to find purpose and cultivate a meaningful life of love, peace, and success.



As the Founder of Soul Care Services, LLC, and Dr. Tashina Reeder, LLC, my vision to establish a clinical practice and an empowerment platform is grounded in the core belief that complete healing takes place through transparency, empathy, and authenticity. Through my own life experiences of trauma and years of working in addiction and community behavioral health, I grew concerned with the lack of trauma-informed practices and insensitivity among professionals and common folk. As a result, I created forums to teach, treat, and inspire individuals to unleash their greatness who suffer in silence, seeking to be understood, heard, and seen.

Because of purpose and my faith in action, I have been blessed to accomplish the following:

  • I teach trauma-recovery and confidence-building workshops throughout the City of Philadelphia through Soul Care Services, LLC. 

  • In 2017, I published a self-love calendar, created a Beautiful Period empowerment t-shirt line, and co-authored a chapter in The Pink Sister Chronicles 3: It Takes a Village, a book compilation under Traci's Bio's cancer organization. 

  • In 2020, I launched Transparency Talk with Tashina, a social media talk show to discuss real-life issues to offer hope, education, and liberation.

  • In 2021, I stepped out on faith and established Manifesting Her Academy, an online educational platform for women seeking wellness to build their confidence, overcome obstacles, and own their dopeness in life and business.

  • On March 4, 2022, Dr. Sonja Stribling presented me with a Trailblazer Award for my growing coaching business for women.

  • On March 6, 2022, the Herprenuer Magazine recognized me as one of the Top 100 Influential Women in Business during their magazine pre-launch.

  • On March 29, 2022, Tap-In Magazine featured me on the front cover as one of several women featured as "Women Shaping the World" in honor of Women's History Month.

  • On April 30, 2022, I published and launched my first solo book, Manifesting Her! 7 Strategies to Redefine Your Identity After Trauma, Build Big Confidence, and Cultivate Self-Love. I also launched a Make SHIFT Happen product line.

  • On June 4, 2022, I was a speaker on Shawn Fair's Leadership Experience Tour in Detroit, Michigan, recognized by Forbes Coaching Council.

  • June 2022, I traveled to Trinidad on my first international book tour.​



Sharing my accomplishments is to prove that our circumstances do not define us or dictate our life's trajectory, regardless of what we have experienced.

Through faith and transparency, we all have the capacity to heal and come out on top and WIN!


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