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Happy Valentine’s Day to Meeeeeeeee!!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

I celebrate me today!

In all transparency, Valentine’s Day is another day, but it’s a day that can bring about sadness, loneliness, and even jealousy in others who long for companionship and…

We all hear the messages of self-love and knowing your worth etc. The messaging is absolutely true!!! HOW to love self is not discussed enough. Women and men have had life experiences that have knocked them out, crushing their sense of self and struggle with HOW to rebuild their injured spirit.

Folks may wonder where to begin to start loving themselves again when the pain and memories are paralyzing. Sometimes shame and the fear of judgement undermines their access to help. It’s tough!!! Everyone’s bounce back is different. Circumstances vary. Healing is custom made. Therefore, we should not judge the process of another when we do not fully understand their pain.

I believe that love should be shown and given every day. You never know what folks are going through. An act of kindness, genuine support, and a little friendly guidance may be the key to spark someone’s healing journey.

Healing is a process of acknowledgment and a journey of transparency to gain an understanding of your feelings towards personal resolve. But most importantly, it is our responsibility to be accountable for our own lives to live, be, and do better. Your healing will change and improve the relationships around you.

I know, I am that chic! Yup!! Despite my painful life experiences, I have grown leaps and bounds towards loving myself more each day. I recognize my destructive behaviors and attitudes and am learning daily to work through my insecurities. We all have them, yep, that thing called insecurities.

Healing is Beautiful!! It’s the new sexy, so I’m told.

I’m still evolving. We all should be too!

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