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I am like any other woman trying to navigate this journey called life to find purpose and a meaningful relationship with myself.



I have second-guessed my skill sets.


I struggled with confidence.


I procrastinated.


I have experienced depression because of shame and insecurities.


Felt emotionally stuck.


Prayed for strength to get through the day.


Made mistakes.


Fear of Failure.  


Struggled to know and feel my worth because of bad experiences.


Sound Familiar??


As a result of my life experiences and training as a clinician, I found purpose in helping women who struggle with confidence, self-worth, and shame from difficult life experiences learn scalable ways to build big confidence, overcome obstacles and gain clarity to create and live a life of love, abundance, and success.


This masterclass will enhance your awareness and offer tangible resources and strategies to help you move from fear to fierce!


90 MIN Confidence Workshop

Your Takeaways will be:


A blueprint of scalable ways to take action to grow forward in confidence.

Strategic self-reflective questions to gain clarity.    

Real-time Affirmations & Mantras to cultivate and nurture our inner power.  

A Better Me Guide

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Are YOU ready to grow forward?

If so, It’s time to activate the POWER of YOU!

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I am the Founder of Manifesting Her! Academy, a company that empowers women to survive and thrive using education, storytelling, visualization, and practical strategies to promote fearless personal growth!

Like many of us, I have had my share of life challenges that have become my strength and God-given purpose. I suffered in silence for many years due to the shame of life circumstances. Through faith, prayer, and therapy, I reached a level of healing and transparency that has been liberating and ever-evolving.

The process of vulnerability has become my friend. I believe my go through is someone else's get through. As a result, I teach and empower women to move beyond their pain to bring about healing and self-love.

Known as the Confidence Cultivator and the Transparent Educator, I  
use my clinical training and life experiences to lead women to victory by tapping into their inner POWER to reclaim their worth and confidence to create a life they desire to live in harmony with themselves.

"An Empowered Soul Has No Limits."

-Dr. Tashina Reeder


There’s no better time to take your personal growth seriously than right now. This workshop will give you the resources to learn how to walk boldly in your authentic self with confidence.

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