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The Time Is N.O.W.!
There is NO opportunity to wait to......

  • Become Your Best Self

  • Own Your Greatness

  • Grow in Confidence

  • Live a Full Life After Trauma & Life's Setbacks

  • Invest in Your Wellbeing

  • Follow Your Dreams

  • Defy The Odds Set Against You

  • Unleash Your Genius

  • YOU CAN ADD TO THE LIST..................

Register for my free masterclass to learn how to grow from a space of uncertainty to being unstoppable to live a life you desire to live in harmony with yourself.

In this class you will

Scalable Ways to Gain Clarity
Disrupt Limiting Beliefs
Goal Mapping & Planning
Techniques to Eliminate the Unnecessary
Self-Preservation Strategies

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Meet and Greet with Dr. Tashina
Q &A Afterparty 
Manifesting Her! The 3 Pillars of Self-Elevation Worksheet



There was a time
when settling was better than
having nothing.

I was uncertain of
what I wanted & deserved.

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I am just like any other woman striving to love myself fully, live a purposeful life with meaningful relationships, actualized dreams, and success in life and business. 


I was apprehended by the mental prison of my life experiences that poked at my insecurities and limiting beliefs causing me to silence my dreams, undermine my boundaries, and lack confidence, clarity and direction. 


See, settling became a theme in my life because of fear and not recognizing and understanding my worth in all areas of my life, i.e., relationships, work, friendships, academia, business, etc. 


Through my healing journey, I learned that I settled to keep the peace to avoid conflict, feelings of rejection, and judgment from others. When all along, I was devaluing ME


I was not walking in my truth! 


I was hiding in fear of my power! 


I was running from me!!


Can you relate??

Ask Me How I Know???

Does this sound familiar? 

  • Fear of Failure 

  • Fear of Success

  • Fear to Start Over

  • Lack Clarity

  • Lack Motivation

  • Feel emotionally stuck

  • Overwhelmed

  • Functioning on Autopilot 

  • Seeking Validation

  • Held hostage by painful life experiences

  • Second guessing your abilities

  • Hiding behind your genius

  • Insecurities

  • Working hard to prove your worth

  • Overextending yourself to be seen as valuable 

  • Allowing your circumstances to define your identity

  • Limiting beliefs about life outcomes and opportunities 

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Because life kept happening, I didn’t know where to begin to disrupt my limiting self-beliefs. I ran from my hard truths regarding my life experiences, behaviors, and attitudes that undermined the very thing I wanted to change within me. 


Perhaps, you are someone who has achieved great things and still lack confidence. Yup, I can relate!


Either way, you may feel like an imposter or an underdog who has been underestimated, misunderstood, taken for granted, and not taken seriously.


SELF-DOUBT, FEAR, & PUBLIC OPINION! There are probably many reasons that gets in the way of your personal growth. However, I see a LOT of one reason, which is what I want to address.


Listen, this was the story of my life!!


Screen Shot 2021-08-27 at 9.31.48 AM.png

  • How many self-help social media groups and platforms have you joined?

  • How many relationship podcasts are you listening to?

  • How many self-help books are you attempting to read?

  • How many YouTube videos have you watched?

  • I bet your answer is, A LOT. I get it! 


Like many of us, I have had my share of life challenges that robbed me of my confidence and identity. As a survivor of life's circumstances, I suffered in silence for many years and was consumed with worry and the opinions of others in fear of judgment. I was a hot mess.  


Because of my own experiences, I found purpose in helping women build their confidence by learning scalable ways to break through emotional roadblocks to unleash their greatness to create the life they deserve to live in harmony with themselves in life and business.


Ok, so what's next??


You may think if you do all the things, you read about, then things will be better. You may also think you'll get the benefits of improved confidence accomplished within a specified time frame as advertised or promised. But often, that's not the case.


Instead, you continue to struggle with insecurities and uncertainty with how to make the necessary changes needed to bring forth the change you want to see. On some level, you believe that change is too difficult and that it is not happening fast enough.  

To make progress in growing forward in confidence, you must make a decision to do the work required and commit to self-investment and practice. Put 100% of effort behind your process of self-discovery. Don't quit if you tried an approach one time and it didn't work. It takes consistent action


Unfortunately, many people are quitting before they even get started. When you stop thinking very little of yourself and put all your energy into the change you want to see, then you will begin to reap the benefits of your self-investments. I saw this with my personal growth, and I have seen it in my clients' lives too.


If you are ready to become UNSTOPPABLE?? 


Are you ready to Unleash your Genius, overcome obstacles, and walk-in YOUR GREATNESS?


Then don't delay. Register today!


Enroll in this masterclass today and Make SHIFT Happen!

In this class you will learn:

Scalable Ways to Gain Clarity

Disrupt Limiting Beliefs

Goal Mapping & Planning

Techniques to Eliminate the Unnecessary
Self-Preservation Strategies

Upgrade to VIP 


Meet and Greet with Dr. Tashina
Q &A Afterparty 
Manifesting Her! The 3 Pillars of Self-Elevation Worksheet


  • Say NO, and not worry about the opinions of others. 

  • Enjoy your own company.

  • Walk-in your power and truth

  • Complete unfinished projects and tasks, and CRUSH your goals.

  • Live boldly and unapologetically as you grow through insecurities. 

  • Have clarity in goal creation and decision-making.

"Wouldn't it be nice to be able to...?"

Untitled design (9).png

Guess What!!! 

YOU CAN! Your life experiences do not determine the trajectory of your life.

You have the POWER to change your life for the better and become




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Masterclass and Summit graphics 2022 (Facebook Post).png
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